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Welcome to Swissmetal Inc.

Swissmetal Inc. provides asset protection strategies through ownership of rare strategic and precious-industrial grade metals


Physical ownership of rare strategic and precious metals in industrial form is a new, alternative, and conservative means of investing as well as a powerful long-term asset protection strategy and wealth preservation option. A new asset class!

National Geographic magazine referred to these rare and strategic metals in a 2011 article as the “secret ingredient in almost everything. This may include items you own such as your car, cell phone, flat screen, tablet, clothing, computer and even medicine, to name just a few. In fact, these metals are now utilized in 80% of all manufactured products today.

While rare and strategic metals could be considered to be a direct investment substitute for precious metals, it is important to note that one major difference exists. Strategic metal prices are influenced by industrial supply and demand factors and are not vulnerable to the unpredictable, speculative and manipulative forces that often affect precious metal values. With a severe supply and demand situation facing rare and strategic metals for at least the next 20 years, Swissmetal Inc. considers strategic metal ownership to be a safe, true and “lasting” form of Asset Protection.

With the Swissmetal Inc. rare strategic metal and industrial grade precious metal ownership and storage program, you can physically own a range of metals that are extremely valuable to industry now and in the future in allocated, segregated accounts in secure, private Swiss, Germany,  and Panama vaults.

Growing Demand

Used in 95% of Products and 90% of industries, Strategic Rare Metals are critical to life as we know it.

Decreasing Supply

Strategic Metals are already in tight supply, and critical supply shortages are projected. Most of the existing supply is controlled by China who has a vested interest in raising prices as much as possible.

Critical For Emerging Technology

Not only are Strategic Metals necessary for clothing, pharmaceuticals, and alloys, they are critical in the next phases of technological advancement and green energy.

4 Different Baskets to Suit Your Asset Protection Goals

Strategic metals are grouped into 4 different categories call baskets each focusing on a different industry.  This allows owners to benefit from supply shortages while still maintaining a diversified portfolio.  For individuals wanting a more direct, aggressive play, single metal purchases are also available.



Schweizerische Metallhandels AG. in partnership with German Metal Traders Haines & Maassen, a private, third generation owned family business since 1948, provided access to rare strategic metals to individual citizens beginning in 2009.Previous to this, these metals went right from the mines and refineries in countries like China, to the metal traders and then to manufacturing.

By making it possible for individual citizens to own these metals, SMH and HM in effect, created an entire new asset class of metals that could be considered, along with precious metals, as a tangible alternative to paper or digital assets.

Since this service began in earnest, the group consisting of SMH Swiss, SMH Panama, Swissmetal Inc. (SMI) and Haines & Maassen, have provided over $100 million USD in rare and strategic metals, to individuals and institutions from all over the globe.

What We Offer


We have selected specific rare, strategic metals that are in high demand by industry and have allocated them into separate “4 baskets”. Each of these “baskets” can be supplemented with the purchase of industrial silver and gold.

In the long-term you can benefit from the rapid growth of the world’s developing countries by trading cash that is devaluing for physical material assets that are increasing in value, in the form of rare, technology-based industrial metals.

This is your opportunity to counteract the negative effects of inflation on the value of your cash. Inflation and devaluation of any paper currency is a reality in today’s world. 

The diminishing supply of these rare industrial metals is only going to insure that they increase in value and further enhance the value of your assets.

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Advantages of Rare Strategic and Industrial Metal Ownership

  • Replace vulnerable paper or digital assets with ownership of valuable, tangible assets.
  • Private overseas storage facilities provide safety, insurance and anonymity.
  • Allocated, segregated ownership of valuable, tangible assets that are increasing in value yearly.
  • Take control of your future with supply and demand strategic metals that are outside of manipulated commodities and unreliable capital markets.
  • Private, safe, insured vaults with independent verification from Swiss, German, and Panama customs.
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