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You have reached the marketing office of Swissmetal Inc.

We regret to announce that the CEO and owner of SMH-Panama has passed away. SMH Panama is currently in the process of a complete audit of the company. Until the audit is completed SMH Panama will not purchase or sell any metals, nor issue any deeds, or any other documents. Once the audit is completed and approved SMH will notify their clients and continue with their normal service.

As we are sure you are aware, Swissmetal Inc, has up until 31.08.2015 been marketing metals on behalf of SMH-Panama (Schweizerische Metallhandel Panama S.A.).

Due to these recent changes, SMI has decided not to continue its relationship with SMH Panama until this process is finished. At that point, we will reconsider this relationship and come back to you.

We have enjoyed knowing you and working with you, and hope to see you again in the future.

If you have purchased metals and are an owner, you are a client of SMH Panama. To view the official statement from SMH Panama, please go to

If you have any questions about your business with SMH Panama you need to contact them directly as follows:

Main SMH Panama (Schweizerische Metallhandel Panama S.A.) office:




Birgit Runge
SMH Panama SA, President and legal representative,
VaultMax Global Inc., President and legal representative:

Phone: +49 152 3206 5752


Lawyer and representative for Birgit Runge is Juliette Passer

US Phone (M): +1 516 313 9176

US Phone (O): +1 212 541 3909

Panama Phone (O): +507 269 0060

Panama Phone (M): +507 6773 2232


If your deed of ownership stating the metals is stored with VaultMax Global Inc. please contact them directly.

US Phone: +1 866 489 7539

Panama Phone: +507 280 7200